Our Community

Our caring community at Caraway is something that sets us apart from other school communities.

Things that make our community great:


  • Membership – that feeling that part of us is invested in the community, that we have a right to belong and feel welcome.
    The Caraway Community Parents Society (CCPS) is a fundamental part of our community


  • Influence – that sense that we have some say in the community issues that affect us and that our perspectives are appreciated and respected.
    CCPS hosts regular Education Philosophy discussion sessions, and all members are welcome at board meetings.


  • Integration and fulfillment of needs – based on the notion that the community has numerous opportunities for both individual and social fulfillment including basic needs, recreation, and social interaction.
    We believe that it is important for the whole family to be supported as well as the student. We are a sibling friendly school.


  • Shared emotional connection – based in part of shared history or sense of community and quality of interactions within the community.
    We also have family camping trips, and various social events throughout the year such as a Christmas potluck/dance and summer barbecues.